JavaScript Tips and Tricks

JavaScript is a functional scripting language that is mainly in use as a language for running client-side scripts in a web browser. It is also common in other applications outside of web pages including PDF documents and desktop widgets. The launch of faster JavaScript virtual machines has lead to an increase in the use in server-side web applications.

JavaScript has syntax similar to that of C and takes many of its conventions and names from Java, but it is different to either language. It is actually an implementation of the ECMAScript language that has borrowed the design principles of the Self and Scheme languages.

  1. Joining Strings Together
  2. Assertion
  3. Null, Undefined and Delete
  4. Using Firebug
  5. Objects and Associative Arrays
  6. Type Conversion
  7. Anonymous functions
  8. Polymorphic Functions
  9. Context Object Manipulation
  10. Iteration


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