Reseed MySQL Primary Key – AUTO_INCREMENT

If you want to reseed your primary key (i.e. change the value of the next primary key generated), you can do it like this:

ALTER TABLE table_name AUTO_INCREMENT = 59446;

This is useful for starting a new site, and you don’t want to leave hints that you have just launched.

For example, if you sign up a new user whose user_id is 3 and they can see it (e.g. in the URL), then they can easily figure out you are new.

This is increasingly important for eCommerce, where customer confidence is essential. Re-seed your invoice/order numbers if they are based on primary keys, and it will look like you have been in business for years.


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  1. Yeh, but the most of the readers are using phpMyAdmin.. and they could just click “Operations” -tab .. and set the AUTO_INCREMENT -value.

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