explode() and implode() php arrays

Last Updated on: November 27, 2022

No, this isn’t about getting frustrated with PHP and nuking your server… this is a couple of very useful (although hard to remember) array functions.

explode() will take a string and give you an array, splitting that string on the delimiter you give. For example, if you have a list of comma-separated values, you will work this as follows:

$monkeys = 'bubbles,charlie,george';

$monkeysArray = explode($monkeys,',');


There is also an optional third parameter, $limit, which will restrict the number of array elements created.

implode() will do the opposite; pass it an array and the glue, and you will get a string of each array element joined by the glue:

$monkeysArray = array('bubbles','charlie','george');

$monkeys = implode(' and ',$monkeysArray);

echo $monkeys; // Outputs "bubbles and charlie and george"

If you struggle to remember which function is which, try imaging “exploding” a string to create an array.

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