Manage your Tasks, Get Things Done and Reduce Stress

The more you get into web development, and indeed any kind of development, you will realise there are some common problems that make you feel like your not quite where you want to be. These could be:

  • You never seem to achieve what you set out for that day/week/month
  • You have a list of projects you want to start, books to read and/or techniques to learn, but they never get done
  • Interuptions frustrate you and knock your productivity
  • You long to get a full stretch of time to concentrate on one thing
  • You keep “to do’s” in your head and think about them a lot
  • You check your email every 10 minutes or so and it is full of things to action
  • You long to “get organised” and have a constand nagging feeling that things could be better

This can all lead to reducing your creativity and stopping you from getting your tasks and projects done. We all suffer from it at some point and we all deal with it in different ways. My advice is not to underestimate the value of getting your “system” sorted so you can achieve more and feel better about it.

There is much written and said about getting organised and I will not advocate a particular method. Use the following as starting points and work something out that suits you and your situation.

  • Getting Things Done -  Article on 43folders detailing the popular book Getting Things Done (the art of stress free productivity) by David Allen
  • Life Hacker – Software and techniques for productivity
  • 43 Folders – Check out the 43 Folders for all kinds of ideas, techniques and tips on productivity


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