Create Google and Yahoo Site Maps for Search Engine Listings

For better search engine visibility, consider submitting a sitemap to the google and/or yahoo search engines.

By submitting a site map the search engines know what pages to look at on your site and if you add or change your pages often you can automatically keep the search engines up to date.

For google sitemaps visit:
For yahoo sitemaps visit:

You will need to sign up for both a google account and a yahoo account.

To make the process of creating and recreating sitemaps easier, you can use software such as GSiteCrawler to automatically “crawl” your site, generate the appropriate file and upload to your server. There is the ability for GSiteCrawler to run unattended on a regular basis by running the application via Windows Scheduled Tasks with a command line option.

Another option to make the process completely automatic would be to use a script that you can host on your server and run automatically using a cron job. Scripts and plugins (e.g. wordpress plugins) for generating google sitemaps can be found at

MSN/Live will soon be allowing sitemaps using the same format as google/yahoo. A rare collaboration between the three search engines has resulted in them agreeing on a standard protocol for sitemaps. More information at


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