1and1 hosting server logs

Last Updated on: September 15, 2022

For anyone who hosts with 1and1, be aware that the server logs will be deleted after three months.

As anyone who uses 1and1 will know, the statistics you can find via the control panel are adequate but nothing special… and frequently slow.

Make sure you download the server logs regularly to produce your statistics or add Google Analytics to your site.

You can find the server logs in the folder called “logs” at the root of your package. Look for the files entitled access.log.xx.gz, where xx is the week number for this year (e.g. 52 is the last week in the year) – these are gzipped text files containing the raw apache logs.

For the current week, you will find one gzip file for each day, named access.log.xx.y.gz, where y is the current day of the week (Monday is 1). The current day will be an uncompressed file entitled to access.log.xx.y.

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  1. Hey Carey – thanks for this post! I wondered where those access logs were going. =8^) 1and1 reveals the default CustomLog format for their apache logs here http://faq.1and1.com/miscellaneous/6.html and yet when I crank our logs through Webalyzer there’s no “Top Search” entries containing search terms people used to find our site. Do you know if there’s a way to alter Apache log format on 1and1 (via .htaccess?) so that this info is captured? Thanks VERY much in advance!

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