PHP Incrementing and Decrementing Operators

Last Updated on: October 23, 2022

This shorthand syntax is a nice and simple way to increase or decrease an integer variable by 1:

$i = 17;
echo $i; // prints "18"

And for subtracting:

$i = 88;
echo $i; // prints "87"

You may know this already, but there is a bit more to these operators when working with strings that you might not be aware of:

$s = 'A';
echo $s; // Output: B

It gets even more interesting…

$s = 'E1';
echo $s; // Output: E2

$s = 'E9';
echo $s; // Output: D1

$s = 'E09';
echo $s; // Output: E10

See more examples in the PHP Manual page.

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